More than co-workers, We are family

At Piscataqua Savings, many members of our staff, management and board have remained with us for years. We're really proud of that - it's what makes us a true family bank. Below is a complete listing of the Piscataqua Savings Bank team.

President, Executive Assistant to President

Richard Wallis


Christine Peete

Executive Assistant to the President

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Loan Department

Debra Perry

Vice President/Senior Loan Officer

Paul Alix

Loan Officer

Mary Ayer

Loan Review Analyst/Processor

Sarah Briolat

Loan Department Assistant

Susan Jonis

Loan Officer

Denise Magnant

Loan Officer/Loan Administrator

Michele Millett

Loan Processor

Robert Newman

Loan Assistant

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Trust and Investment Services

Brianna Adams, J.D., LL.M.

Vice President/Trust Officer

Gail Armsden

Trust Operations Manager

Michael D. Rodier, CFP®

Vice President/Senior Portfolio Manager

Corey A. Boucher, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Heidi Byers

Trust Operations Assistant

Thomas J. Queeney, CTFA, CFP®, AEP®

Vice President/Senior Trust Officer

Macey Roberge

Trust Administration Assistant

Laurie Siergiewicz

Trust Officer

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Joan Gile

Executive Vice President/Operations Officer

Wanda Fontaine

Assistant Vice President/Assistant Operations Officer

Linda Burgess

Head Teller

Gregory Doolittle

Assistant Vice President/Assistant Compliance Officer/BSA Officer

Jennifer Dumont

Assistant Head Teller/Customer Service Representative

Susan Hauge

Customer Service Supervisor

Michelle Jenkins

Deposit Operations Assistant

Peggy Blair


Tina Libby


Christine Long


Veronica Morrill


Beth Pruett


Gwenda Tambling

Assistant to Operations Officer

Laurie Trombetto

Deposit Operations Assistant

Elaine Wood

Deposit Operations Assistant

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David Bryan

Vice President/Treasurer

Matthew Gordon

Cash & Investment Analyst

Kate Marcotte

Finance Administrator

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Information Technology

Antone Cabral

Vice President/Information Technology Officer

Joshua Johnson

Network Administrator

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Audit and Human Resources

Carol Bailey

Internal Auditor

Jeannine Santosuosso

Assistant Vice President/Human Resources Officer

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Parking Lot Attendants

Ray Faulkner

Parking Lot Attendant

Jon Houghton

Parking Lot Attendant

Richard Petri

Parking Lot Attendant

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