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Home Equity Loans

By listening to our customers' needs we've been able to create new options that address real life issues. At Piscataqua, we offer an all-purpose solution with the only loan you'll ever need. We call it HELP, or Home Equity Line Plus.

Our HELOC request was handled great and the process went very smoothly.  Keep up the good work! - J. San Miguel

Come see us to find out how to utilize the investment within your current home and obtain an equity line of credit including a unique feature that allows you to "fix" the rate and payments on portions of your line. HELP will let you choose the terms that work best for you and can be established for an extended period of up to 15 years. That means you'll always have the money you need—when you need it.

Let's say you open a $50,000 HELP loan and purchase a car for $20,000 by writing a check from the line of credit to the car dealer. The portion used to purchase the car can be set up as a fixed rate loan with principal and interest payments while the remaining $30,000 line of credit will remain available to use as needed.

HELP is a creative solution to meeting our customer's needs but if a traditional Home Equity loan is what you want, we're here to accommodate. Ask about obtaining a line at the same time as applying for a first mortgage.

Piscataqua Savings offers 3 convenient ways to utilize the equity in your home.

Option #1: Home Equity Loan:

A fixed loan amount and rate with regular payments.

Option #2: Home Equity Line:

A revolving line of credit, interest only, with payments made based upon what you use.

Option #3: HELP:

Home Equity Line Plus offers you the option of fixing the interest rate and monthly payment on a portion of your line. The balance of your line remains available for future needs. It's the best of both worlds!

Call us today at 603.436.5250 to find out more!

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