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Investment Management

At Piscataqua Savings Bank we precede investment management services by carefully listening to your financial goals and outlining your objectives based on these preliminary discussions. Your individual or family goals are carefully established with your specific objectives in mind and we provide full investment management services and advice.

When you meet with one of our Officers, you will talk about asset allocation among equities, fixed income and money market funds. We'll discuss your risk tolerance, time horizon, income needs, tax or legal issues, along with economic and market conditions and other factors. These discussions will help develop both your long- and short-term goals with your investments.

Our process as your Investment Manager/Advisor, Corporate Trustee or Agent includes:

  • Creating a customized results-oriented, risk-controlled investment strategy;
  • Managing your self-directed retirement accounts (rollover or transfer IRAs, rollovers from 401(k) plans, etc.);
  • Serving as Corporate Trustee or Co-Trustee to administer trusts (charitable, revocable, irrevocable and insurance), or serving as Agent to assist with your fiduciary duties;
  • Working with your family and team of professionals to coordinate legal, tax, financial and estate planning strategies;
  • Providing a trustworthy resource for assistance with everyday living situations in a bonded and ethical manner;
  • Providing peace of mind by managing financial responsibilities should you become incapacitated or during extended absences, assuring that your monies are being properly spent and not misused (accidentally or intentionally);
  • Customizing solutions and strategies to suit your specific needs;
  • Providing financial continuity and flexibility from one generation to the next.

Investment Philosophy, Objectives & Asset Allocation

Download our Investment Philosophy, Objectives and Asset Allocation forms for details about the types of questions that need to be answered to choose the correct objective for you.

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