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Now, more than ever, people are responsible for the management of their own retirement plans, including rolling over investments from their 401(k) plans into IRAs in many circumstances. This is an important responsibility and one that is critical to your ability to plan properly for retirement and for support in later years. Our professional investment advice is available to help you manage your assets and determine what long-term solutions are best for you.

We'll work with you to define your investment objectives by taking into consideration how much you have available for long-term planning and what your future needs may be.

Piscataqua Savings Bank

Trust & Investment Department

15 Pleasant Street, 2nd Floor
Portsmouth, NH 03801

603.430.2955 or 800.286.5254
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays or by appointment.

Please Note: e-mail to and from us is not secure. Customers should not e-mail us sensitive, personal identifying information such as account numbers. We will not respond to any request requiring us to e-mail personal identifying information.


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