LoansJohn4.6The loan officer was very thorough & covered all pertinent information.05/04/2022
DepositDaniel4.6Did not like that the branch could not print my debit card onsite.03/24/2022
LoansEthan & Ali5We never felt like we were waiting or wondering, Neil's prompt service gave us confidence. Everything happened on or ahead of schedule. Neil was always happy to answer any questions in a a prompt manner and he made the experience very comfortable.03/15/2022
LoansRodrigo5I like the ease of the process! It was fantastic to work with Neil!01/31/2022
DepositJohn5Very easy & welcoming service, friendly and efficient.01/31/2022
DepositDeborah5Bank has a great vibe of local friendliness and a community feel.01/24/2022
LoansMatt5Great follow up and communication01/15/2022
LoansUnsigned5Attentive, friendly, & professional service.01/15/2022
DepositThomas5Easy process01/10/2022
LoansAlan5Professional and casual12/15/21
DepositAnonymous5Staff Friendly and ready to assist11/15/2021
DepositDavid5Easy process and knowledgeable staff11/03/2021
DepositPaul4.6Friendly, knowledgeable service10/28/2021
DepositAnonymous5Professional and inviting10/15/2021
LoansDavid5Very easy process - loan officer, Cheri, was the best!09/20/2021
DepositShelly5I like that an experienced person came to help the person who was helping me.08/24/2021
DepositJoseph5When I transferred my IRA to Piscataqua I was told that the 5 year 80% would be my best option. I hesitated because I did not want to be locked into a low rate for such on extended time. I was told although not published I could call the bank, annually, if there was an upward shift of the rates. In turn the return on my IRA would be adjusted. This is a huge advantage to the consumer and to Piscataqua.08/11/2021
DepositAnonymous4.6The account opening process was fairly lengthy, but ok07/29/2021
DepositDavid & Maureen5Susan was outstanding!!! She was friendly (and fun!) and answered all our questions. She also gave us a lot of info about Portsmouth - which we appreciated as we only recently moved here.07/27/2021
LoansDavid & Liz5The application and approval process was easily conducted via email and online.
Neil was a pleasure to work with.
DepositCleo5The bank is beautiful and everyone was very welcoming and professional.07/20/2021
LoansJohn5Paul was professional, efficient, and accommodating.07/20/2021
DepositDoug5Hunter met with me on a Saturday and stayed past noon.07/20/2021
LoansSteven5I liked the clarity of communication about documents required.07/15/2021
DepositUnsigned5Representative had knowledge and authority to open on behalf of principal.06/01/2021
LoansRobin4.3Our Loan Officer was very professional and very helpful. She was easy to work with.06/01/2021
DepositRudolph5Prompt friendly courteous service, clean attractive professional looking lobby.05/26/2021
DepositJames5I liked your service a lot during the opening process. Room for improvement is that I inquired about the Trust Dept. but there was not much information.
The CSR was great he went above and beyond, he stayed late so my wife could open an account.
LoansRebecca5Our Loan Officer was very responsive. She adds a personal touch.05/21/2021
DepositPaul5Professional Attitude05/11/2021
DepositJoseph &Mary Ellen5We were very happy working with Hunter to open a new CD. He is a credit to the bank.04/28/2021
LoansJoseph & Erica5Working with Paul was an absolute pleasure. He explained the process very clearly, answered all of our questions and was very nice.
Paul always responded very quickly. He really explained the timeline and it was followed exactly as we expected.
Paul is incredibly professional, competent, and very personable. We had the best experience with Paul.
LoansHarry5The process was great04/15/2021
DepositJohn5Friendly and provided information to my questions.04/13/2021
DepositMark5I was very satisfied04/13/21
DepositMark5I was very satisfied03/30/2021
LoansDonna & Phil5Our loan officer made it seem so easy and stress free. The appraiser was very nice and made it easy during COVID.
We were very happy with our loan officer she was always available to answer questions even if we considered them a bit silly.
DepositDoug5Opening a new account was easy & fast. Susan H. is awesome!10/19/2020
LoansPaul & Kristin5I liked the smooth process the whole way - no surprises10/16/2020
LoansUnsigned5I Liked the process was quick & efficient10/16/2020
DepositGreer5Love the new look of the bank. Great Job10/14/2020
DepositCynthia5Confused as to if I could go into the lobby10/05/2020
LoansHeidi5I liked the responsiveness and the loan officer was very kind and informative09/22/2020
LoansBrook5I liked the efficient way it was handled. It was a great experience.09/20/2020
LoanPeter5I liked the personal attention and prompt service during the application and approval process. Paul was excellent to work with, this was the best loan processing I have ever experienced!!09/14/2020
DepositBetty5Hunter helped me establish my account and he was friendly, helpful answering questions, and he did a fine job.09/10/2020
DepositJ. A.5N/A09/02/2020
DepositThomas4.3Long wait - half an hour09/02/2020
DepositSusan5I liked that you were very conscientious about Covid safety.
I started with Susan who was very efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly.
DepositUnsigned4.3I liked the personal but not easy to use online site.03/09/2021
DepositChris & Sandy5Everything was done in a very timely manner.02/23/2021
DepositMichael and Joanne5N/A02/22/2021
DepositBeth4.3I liked it was very personable and easy. There were some technical difficulties that caused some delay but it wasn't anyone's fault.02/11/2021
DepositLinda5I liked Customer Service02/04/2021
DepositMichael5I liked that it was a quick appointment to open a CD.01/20/2021
LoansHannah4.6Uncomplicated, although it was an easy refinance and friendly communication.01/15/2021
LoansJohn5Working with Paul was a very positive experience. PSB has excellent service and a warm and supportive culture.11/16/2020
LoansPatricia5Very professional and prompt11/02/2020
DepositRebecca5Hunter was courteous and professional - I liked that he took the time to help me set up online banking.11/02/2020
LoansUnsigned5Efficient and pleasant10/30/2020
DepositRobert4.6Need better signage on Market St. to rear entrance.10/27/2020
LoansDoug5I liked that the loan officers were direct and professional. I appreciated that a property assessment was not necessary.10/20/2020
LoansUnsigned5I liked that Denise made everything simple! She was very responsive! Denise was excellent!10/20/2020
LoansStephen5Debbie made it very simple and shockingly quick. I am still amazed with the turnaround time.08/25/2020
LoansCasey & Rhea5Susan was wonderful08/10/2020
LoansDeirdre5I like the relative simplicity of the application and approval process.
Paul was great.
DepositSteven5I liked that I could do most of the account opening process online.06/05/2020
DepositKristen4.6The online process to open 2 CD's was very straight forward and worked extremely well.
Susan was excellent and had a superb knowledge of the online CD process and extremely personable.
I do my best to only bank with small banks where your are known not a number.
LoansPhilip5The service was excellent04/24/2020
LoansAnonymous5I liked that application and approval process was simple and easy.04/08/2020
LoansKimberly5I liked the thoroughness of the application and approval process.
The loan officer was meticulous, found a $10 reconciliation error.
LoansRob5Great Service03/15/2020
DepositChris and Sandy5I liked that everything was done in a timely manner.03/10/2020
DepositMerin5I was pleased with the entire process.03/09/2020
DepositKen & Anne5During the account opening process the service was professional, friendly, and helpful.03/09/2020
DepositAnonymous5Extremely courteous employee02/28/2020
DepositBert and Marianne5We got the information we needed in an efficient manner.02/28/2020
DepositAlena5Everyone was pleasant, I did not feel rushed. Hunter was very professional. Please remain an "Old Fashion" bank.02/28/2020
DepositFrank & Jo Ann5Hunter, Susan, and Jen were awesome!
We do business with your bank because of competent people, trustworthiness and impeccable reputation demonstrated over decades.
DepositRobert & Elizabeth4.3A little slow to open a CD account.11/20/2019
DepositKathleen5Susan was great to deal with as was Denise with our mortgage11/20/2019
DepositIzzy5Hunter was fantastic!11/20/2019
DepositAnonymous5Very friendly service and availability, Jenn was excellent. Keep up the good work and stay local.11/20/2019
DepositMarilyn5Susan was very professional but also nice to deal with.10/25/2019
DepositBob5People are great. Love the atmosphere. Keep up the good work!10/25/2019
DepositBruce & Judith5Everyone was fine.10/25/2019
DepositKatrie4The Customer Service Representative was very pleasant. Didn't like part of the process.9/27/2019
DepositLawrence5The Customer Service Representative was very friendly and polite, and she quickly and professionally did exactly what we wanted09/18/2019
DepositAnonymous5Susan was fantastic. Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient - she made it easy.09/05/2019
DepositAnonymous5Friendly Customer Service, didn't take very long to open an account. Susan was very friendly, helpful and answered all my questions. 08/22/2019
LoansAnonymous4.6Susan always responded promptly to our questions, it is just a confusing process.08/15/2019
DepositStephen4.6If you didn't have parking your rates would have not been enough to get me into downtown Portsmouth. The parking was easy and I wouldn't hesitate to conduct future business and the flowers are lovely.08/15/2019
DepositMichael5Two accounts opened in an efficient manner08/15/2019
DepositChris5I liked everything! Customer Service was excellent.07/29/2019
DepositMichael5I liked that when I posed a question to your Customer Service Rep. and it was answered by your VP.07/25/2019
DepositRhonda5Very good Customer Service Rep.07/25/2019
DepositKristin5I enjoyed the entire process from walking into the beautiful foyer it was so warm, welcoming, and efficient. My Customer Service Rep. was wonderful. Sorry I didn't join sooner.07/25/2019
DepositSharon & John5Loved the personal service and attention to detail.07/25/2019
DepositAnonymous5It took longer to close Federal Savings than it did to open Piscataqua. Love the UPCD it is what won our family and friends to move banks. Thank you06/26/2019
LoansDavid5I love Piscataqua Savings! I loved it in the late 80's when I first moved here and again in 2013, when we moved back. You all made it so easy for us!! Paul is a top notch human being and expert. I was so happy with his kindness & competence.10/27/2016
DepositRoy & Elizabeth5Very personable staff, great Saturday hours. Bank has a pleasant atmosphere. Your representative was knowledgeable, funny and professional10/25/2016
DepositChris5I liked the service of staff and the presence of onsite safety deposit box/vault capability. Overall a wonderful experience10/25/2016
LoansRichard & Eric5Convenience; online processing; competitive rates10/19/2016
LoansMatthew3Loan officer gave incorrect information regarding adding more down payment and the ability to lower the payment. This is a big problem and affects my payment.10/13/2016
LoansAndrea5Supremely satisfied, no glitches on your end, Susan was great and her willingness to work with me and my schedule is greatly appreciated. Your service has always been spot on and in a society where service is dying a not so slow death it will keep me a client.08/23/2016
DepositJeff5Keep doing what you are doing8/18/2016
LoansFrank & Kate5Positive friendly, cooperative attitude. The Loan Processor at our 1st meeting was confident, I left comfortable she and Denise would do all they could. We had a little more than four weeks during which was the 4th of July, yet everything worked like clockwork. There was always follow up and everyone kept to the schedule outlined. Cannot imagine a better team than those two, they were able to make it work in our very short window. If only you had a branch in Placida, Florida.08/15/2016
LoansMartin4.6Prompt and professional08/15/2016
LoansAnonymous5On-line application was convenient, and the loan officer was available to answer questions via email and telephone. Also, she suggested a more economical process that made better sense for us. We didn't get the loan for as much as we'd hoped.08/15/2016
LoansGeorge5Carol and I are natives of Portsmouth, born and raised here. We are long familiar with the Piscataqua Bank and its lofty reputation. Direct and to the point no lost motion. Susan J. made Rick Page's retirement seem a seamless event. Congratulations to Rick and to Susan. 08/15/2016
LoansRyan & Crystal5Very easy and seamless7/25/2016
LoansJonathan5Available to answer questions, quick response to emails, and an overall great customer service. Paul A. was great. Would like to work with him again! Will recommend to all friends.07/25/2016
LoansSarah & Allen5Short time to process07/14/2016
LoansGreg5Great communication7/14/2016
LoansJean5Very prompt response time, Susan was great, very helpful!07/14/2016
LoansCharlotte5The professional, knowledge and attitude of Denise M.07/14/2016
LoansRick5Painless, Denise did an excellent job. Very professional.07/14/2016
LoansAllegra5Extremely accommodating, willing to work fast. Very accommodating and flexible.07/14/2016
DepositClare5Friendly and fast07/14/2016
LoansBill5Kept me informed, she is the best!07/14/2016
LoansMaureen5Always attentive and available. Flexible with charges and suggested different avenues. I usually don't like surveys for performance but am glad you sent this one. My intention was to write a note to say how wonderful it was working with the Loan Officer. I chose the bank without any previous knowledge of the bank or staff but knew I wanted a small bank as that is what I have been used to for many years. I couldn't be more pleased with how she worked with me and helped trouble shoot when needed. A definite good ambassador to the reputation of your bank. I have been completely satisfied.07/14/2016
LoansDoug5Ease of use, application and process. Speed was amazing. Denise, Debbie and their staff were outstanding. 07/14/2016
LoansKathleen5Personable, professional delivery of information. Parking! Susan was very helpful and nice.07/14/2016
LoansKevin & Kathleen5We were out of the housing market for ten years. We were kept informed of what was needed and where we were in the process. Every question was promptly answered and fully explained. We were pleased with everything. Our loan officer was a professional, expert in knowledge and very warm in guiding us through this process.07/14/2016
LoansDavid5Personal attention, face to face; easy to get through each step. Very pleased, very happy alternative loan option presented and all led to the best result and timely. Keep up the good work! We love it that staff knows us by first name!07/14/2016
LoansTiffany5Very personal, wasn't treated like a number. Susan was great.07/14/2016
LoansPeter & Claudia5Timeliness, responsiveness, follow through and the ability to close on time. Closed on time in a fairly tight window. The loan officer was hones, straightforward and helpful.07/14/2016
DepositAlfred5In my 68 years on the planet, this was the easiest and most professional financial transaction I have ever done. Your representative was knowledgeable, helpful, and just plain nice. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. From the moment that I walked into the bank, everyone was so friendly and helpful. I just knew that I was in the right place.05/13/2016
LoansAnonymous5Great service and great people04/15/2016
LoansJane5Friendly, professional, clear about the process and timeline, timing was on track. The Loan Officer was very professional and helpful also other staff I was in contact with, Excellent service. She walked me through each step and kept me in the loop throughout. Love the bike rack out back!04/15/2016
LoansDiane5Always, friendly and accommodating, Seemed like I was finished & then more info needed several times. I guess person handling the loan changed and all information may not have been passed on. I needed speed and I got it. Just a but better communication when several people are handling on request.04/15/2016
LoansHans & Linda5Both the Loan Officers were very helpful, quick and professional.03/23/2016
LoansAnonymous5Professional and more personable than most banks.03/23/2016
LoansKristin5Fast, perfection, personal attention. I am from California and I wish I had a local bank like you folks. The Loan Officer was amazing!02/11/2016
LoansDave5The Loan Officer's instructions were very clear, she could not have done anything more - she was excellent.02/11/2016
LoansRichard5The best possible service and a very fast approval process!02/11/2016
LoansDan5As any service your (our) bank offers the service is always with a smile and pleasant. Denise is the Very Best, could not be any better.02/11/2016
LoansRichard5Competent and efficient02/11/2016
LoansAnonymous4.6Staff was very helpful.02/11/2016
LoansTim5The Loan Officer was fantastic!01/19/2016
LoansTiffany5Personalized, fast, Susan was fantastic! Very responsive and knowledgeable.01/19/2016
LoansTim5Very professional and knowledgeable. Flexible and easy to work with!01/19/2016
LoansCharles5Our Loan Officer was courteous, knowledgeable, experienced and professional.01/19/2016
LoansAndrea5Easy access to speak with live people.01/19/2016
LoansThomas and Martha5Our Loan Officer was very helpful and solved our mortgage needs.
LoansCarl and Kim5The appraisal process was quick and easy. Susan was polite, professional and a pleasure to do business with. We were wicked happy, love Piscataqua and everyone there!
DepositFinelli5Customer Service Outstanding
DepositSean5Fast friendly service, simple Thank you
LoansDon and Bev5Easy to reach, follow through great, super customer service. Denise was just great.
Deposit Anonymous5Love your bank building
LoansRobert and Sandra5Always a friendly atmosphere and meeting with people we know.
LoansMatt4.6Make process easy.
DepositKathleen5We were helped very quickly. I felt confident that the girl helping us knew her job.
DepositAnonymous5Friendly and real
LoansAnonymous5I received a quick response during the application and approval process.
LoansPaul5Very Satisfied. We liked the personal attention we were afforded.
LoansNina5Debbie is truly wonderful, kind and very professional, outstanding service.
DepositLynne5I was very satisfied with Jenn's performance, very
DepositJohn5Bank Representative Jen was warm, friendly and efficient. Everything personal and friendly; reminded me of Bailey's Savings and Loan from It's a Wonderful Life. Loved it.
DepositAnonymous5Excellent service for both loan application and new deposit account opening.
LoansJoseph and Lynda5The Loan Officer was very thorough, knowledgeable, prompt and friendly. Don't let Rick retire.
DepositBob5Marvelous attentive friendly folks all around
LoansMatthew and Stephanie5The Loan Officer knew us from our previous mortgage, understood the nuances of our finances. He was efficient, polite and incredibly helpful. Rick is the definition of professionalism, could not be happier. Sad that he is retiring (but thrilled for Rick).
LoansAnonymous4.3Personal and professional
DepositElissa5Fast service, confident staff, easy
LoansCatherine4.3Denise stayed in touch and made process as easy as possible, but I initially thought line of credit would be available within 1 week.
LoansRick5I was extremely satisfied Debbie and the staff are always extremely courteous!!! Keep doing the same and don't ever change!!! Stay small and local.
LoansJohn4.6Service and responses were prompt, mortgage broker was friendly and knowledgeable; would have scored a five, however, demand for appraisals added a week. The Loan Officer was knowledgeable about the land loan, the loan process, and was a pleasure to work with; best I have experienced for a mortgage!
DepositKahitka5Immediate and helpful assistance
LoansAnonymous5Very easy process and fast!
DepositBarbara5Heard this was a five star bank
DepositAnonymous5Service is always excellent!
LoansBrad and Alyssa5It was faster and easier then expected
LoansLynne5Excellent customer service. Denise is extremely professional and knowledgeable.
DepositKerri5Susan was very nice
DepositBeth5Personal, easy and fast
DepositJaimee5The employees were very helpful
DepositDavid & Colleen5N/A
LoansAnonymous5The Loan Officer was a pleasure to work with, as is the whole mortgage department team.
DepositKenneth and Julie5I liked the personal service and the atmosphere of the bank.
DepositJohn5I was very satisfied with the account opening process. Wonderful Staff
DepositAnonymous5Fast service and thorough explanation of account.
LoansAnonymous5The Loan Officer made us feel like she was on our side, the entire process was smooth and not stressful!
DepositJacqueline5Everything was great.
DepositShirley5Friendly and efficient way account was opened.
LoansCheryl5Promptness, friendly service!!! Our Loan Officer was stellar!!!
LoansMark5Promptness, friendly and no fuss! Thank you Denise
LoansLarry5Fast and accurate service, everything went well!
LoansEdna5I am always treated with a happy greeting and complete respect!
DepositWilliam5Professional, courteous, very friendly and informative Customer Service Representatives.
LoansAnonymous5The process went very smoothly. The two loan officers I dealt with were very knowledgeable and efficient!
DepositSteven4.6Beautiful bank and friendly people
LoansAnonymous5Easy, very organized
DepositDiane5I am new to the area, coming from Massachusetts, I have always banked with Savings Banks. Jenn was very professional and thorough.
LoansCarol5Everything was very quick and professional, great experience. Deb was awesome, professional and very helpful.
DepositRandy4.6Very friendly service.
LoansJoshua5Very personal, prompt, all the benefits of using a small local bank. From application to closing was only about a month.
LoansRoland and Jonathan5Attentive and interest in setting up a loan to start Jonathans credit worthiness, turnaround time was about two weeks and it all fell together perfectly. Warm and friendly staff with a relaxed and professional attitude. Deb took great interest in seeing the objective met. You have great people. Piscataqua should be the bench mark for the banking industry.
DepositJames5Jenn was excellent!
LoansEd5Very simple and forthright
DepositAnonymous5Open on Saturdays, quick opening
DepositAnonymous5Great personnel, helpful and knowledgeable, exceptionally informative.
DepositAnonymous4It was fine, nothing special. Not memorable as not overly friendly but not rude though.
DepositAnonymous4.6Friendly, Competent, Comfortable
LoansEdmund5Bank employees were very attentive to our requests, we were looking for a short turnaround and we got it. The Loan Officer was terrific.
LoansCarol5Any questions we had were answered quickly. Extremely happy! The Loan Officer was excellent!!
LoansMike5Our Loan Officer did an excellent job managing our application and closing. She was professional, courteous and prompt to respond.
LoansElizabeth5Efficient, positive, fast. Our Loan Officer was awesome.
LoansAnonymous4.6Very helpful
LoansAnonymous4.3The Loan Officer was very knowledgeable and meticulous with all the details, but the turnaround time was a little longer than we expected but not bad.
LoansAnonymous4.6All processed just fine
DepositAnonymous5I came in knowing what I wanted and Susan H. was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and experienced
DepositWilliam5We liked the friendly, personal service
LoansBill5Efficent processing, friendly service, quick results. The Loan Officer was great.
LoansBob5Quick, easy, efficient, friendly - excellent as always! Susan was great.
LoansKathleen5Our Loan Officer was exceptionally kind and patient with me. She explained each part and step thoroughly. She also listened to me. The bank I had been doing business with for the past 22 years was not as helpful as Piscataqua. I couldn't be more pleased.
LoansRick5Debbie is a peach!