A fun place to save money

Welcome to the kids’ bank at Piscataqua Savings Bank

It’s just for you! Come into the Kids’ Bank with your Mom, Dad or Grandparent and open your very own bank account today! You’ll get a special passbook that shows how your money grows.

Click on the link below to find fun activity sheets to help you learn even more about numbers and your very own bank. Come back again soon and we’ll have new ones for you to try!

Saving your money is fun! If you’re already one of our special Kids’ Bank customers, you know you can come in every Saturday morning and visit our friendly banking bear, B.A. Saver. Watch your money get bigger as you deposit your allowance, birthday or holiday gifts and even the money you get from the tooth fairy!

The kids bank at Piscataqua Savings Bank –it’s just for you!