Your rate can go up,
but never down.


Are you afraid of missing out
on higher deposit rates?

Are you tired of trying to time
the market for the best rates possible?

Things are looking up!

Our UP CD means you’ll benefit every time the rates go up, and never be penalized if they go down! Get the future-proof CD from Piscataqua Savings Bank, and watch your money grow.

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UP CD Program Details

The 25 Month UP Certificate of Deposit (CD) offers initial and subsequent rate changes tied to the current rate offer on the Bank’s 2 Year CD product. The variable rate may change at any time but only when there are increases to the interest rate of the Bank’s current 2 Year CD product. As a result, the 25 Month UP CD rate will never decrease prior to the first renewal. Minimum balance to open is $500.00. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals. Fees and withdrawals may reduce earnings. Not available for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).