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Trust  & Investment Services

Piscataqua Savings Bank is here to create and implement long-term solutions for your financial security and success.

Trust & Investment Services

Our staff has extensive experience and a focused commitment to providing attentive, personal service to complement your estate planning, investment, retirement and continuity needs. We provide a fully disclosed and competitive fee structure, based on the market value of the assets under management and the type of services performed.

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Trust Administration

Understanding how a trust works and the duties associated with being a successor can be overwhelming to an untrained individual, which can lead to undesired results.

Our members rely on us for trust services because of the personal attention, flexibility and peace of mind we bring to them. How a trust will work for you is very personalized, and we work with you to help design the right plan for your goals.

We would be pleased to serve as trustee for you or as a co-trustee with you, a family member or another designated individual. Our experience, education, certifications and training allow us to guide you through the legal, investment, tax and reporting issues.

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Trust Administration Services:

      • Comprehensive management services for trusts, estates and nonprofit organizations
      • Professional fiduciaries — experienced, bonded, ethical and regulated
      • Competitive and fully disclosed fee structure based on the market value of the assets under management
      • Certified professionals to manage investments while providing overall tax, financial and estate planning assistance
      • Estate settlements and trust administration services

We help you make wise investment choices and estate decisions that suit your personal goals and lifetime planning objectives.

Investment Management

At Piscataqua Savings Bank, we begin by learning about your unique financial goals. We’ll talk about asset allocation among equities, fixed income and money market funds. We’ll discuss your risk tolerance in conjunction with expected returns, time horizon, income needs, tax or legal issues, and any unique investment preferences you may have. Finally, we’ll put it all together to design an investment strategy tailored for you.

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Our General Investment Philosophy

    • Adhere to fiduciary and ethical standards, putting client interests above all else. The responsibility of managing our clients’ money is taken very seriously.
    • The investment management function is an ongoing process to be monitored as client goals may evolve or change.
    • Investment strategies are developed and implemented through the choice of optimal combinations of foreign and domestic financial assets.


Investment Philosophy, Objectives & Asset Allocation

Our Investment Philosophy, Objectives and Asset Allocation form asks questions to assist us in arriving at the right objective for you. Download now.

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Estate Settlement

When a loved one dies, there are many tasks to be performed in the settlement of their estate: Assets need to be identified, gathered, valued and protected, and bills need to be paid. Tax considerations are critical, and important decisions need to be made within a very short period of time. We’re here to help smooth out the process and provide guidance at this difficult time.

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Estate Settlement Services:

      • Assistance through the Probate Court process, if needed
      • Filing of all income and estate tax returns in a timely manner
      • Payment of bills, taxes and administration expenses
      • Management of assets
      • Management of distributions and bequests
      • Recordkeeping

We work with you to create a customized investment solution. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” here.

Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, there are many details to uncover and arrange. A comprehensive estate planning package typically includes a revocable (living) trust, a last will and testament, durable powers of attorney for financial matters, and health care directives. We’re available to coordinate with your attorney in the planning stages as well as to serve a role in carrying out your wishes. With a well-drafted plan you can maintain privacy, avoid guardianship, and avoid probate and related expenses/delays.

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Retirement Accounts

Now, more than ever, people are responsible for the management of their own retirement plans, including rolling over investments from their 401(k) plans into IRAs in many circumstances. This is an important responsibility and one that is critical to your ability to plan properly for retirement and for support in later years.

Our professional investment advice is available to help you manage your assets and determine what long-term solutions are best for you. We’ll work with you to define your investment objectives by taking into consideration how much you have available for long-term planning and what your future needs may be.

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