Piscataqua Savings Bank is the proud supporter of over 130 Seacoast area nonprofits. We’re highlighting a few of the nonprofits doing incredible, critical work in our Seacoast community with our Seacoast Spotlight Series. Next up in our spotlight is Waypoint, formerly Child and Family Services of NH, a nonprofit that offers a multitude of services including prenatal support, parent education/family empowerment, services for children with developmental concerns or chronic health conditions, child care, mental health counseling, family preservation, supervised visitation, foster care, homeless youth continuum, home healthcare for older Americans and adults with disabilities, and advocacy.

The History of Waypoint

Waypoint’s journey began as a collaboration of Protestant churches forming the Manchester City Missionary Society (MCMS). The early goal was to church the “unchurched,” but by the end of the 19th century, it expanded its initiatives to provide food, clothing, and fuel to families in need. The MCMS also introduced groundbreaking programs such as the Fresh Air Camp, Sewing Circles for young girls’ domestic education, immigration services, child labor responses, and a day care nursery for Amoskeag Mills laborers. In the early 20th century, the Concord Charity Organization joined the cause. As societal needs evolved, both organizations transitioned their focus to professional, non-sectarian casework practices, aligning with the changing landscape of social work in the 1920s.

In 1914, the New Hampshire Children’s Aid and Protective Society (NHCAPS) emerged, dedicated to protecting children from abuse and neglect. Before the establishment of child protection laws, NHCAPS played a crucial role in investigations. Over time, their mission evolved to promote child welfare and advance human welfare throughout the state. NHCAPS worked tirelessly to place abused and dependent children with private families, assist parents in challenging situations, and develop preventive measures to guide young people away from troubled lives.

By 1967, NHCAPS transformed into Child and Family Services (CFS), incorporating Manchester and Concord Service organizations by 1971. This strategic merger solidified CFS as the largest independent human service organization in New Hampshire, offering a comprehensive range of services. In 2018, recognizing the need for a name that truly resonates with its mission and vision, CFS rebranded itself as Waypoint. This change marked a new chapter, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to providing a guiding light for those navigating the challenges of life.

Waypoint’s Mission: Empowering Lives

Waypoint’s mission is to empower people of all ages through a diverse array of human services and advocacy. Annually, the agency touches the lives of around 9,000 children and their families statewide, fostering a culture of support, understanding, and resilience. From pioneering charitable efforts in the 19th century to becoming a comprehensive human service organization in the 20th century, Waypoint has consistently adapted to the evolving needs of the community.

Services Provided

Waypoint’s extensive range of services reflects its commitment to addressing the diverse needs of the community. These services include:

Prenatal Support: Ensuring expecting parents receive the guidance and care they need for a healthy pregnancy.

Parent Education/Family Empowerment: Equipping parents with the knowledge and resources necessary to create a nurturing and supportive family environment.

Services for Children with Developmental Concerns or Chronic Health Conditions: Specialized care for children facing developmental challenges or chronic health conditions.

Child Care: Providing reliable and high-quality child care services for families in need.

Mental Health Counseling: Offering professional mental health support to individuals and families navigating challenges.

Family Preservation: Strengthening families and preserving their unity through targeted interventions and support.

Supervised Visitation: Facilitating safe and supervised interactions between children and non-custodial parents.

Foster Care Recruitment: Providing support, training, and financial stipends to foster parents licensed with Waypoint.

Homeless Youth Continuum: Addressing the unique needs of homeless youth, offering support and guidance.

Home Healthcare for Older Americans and Adults with Disabilities: Ensuring older adults and individuals with disabilities receive the care and assistance they require within the comfort of their homes.

Advocacy: Serving as a powerful advocate for the rights and well-being of individuals and families in the community.

How To Support Waypoint

Piscataqua Savings Bank is proud to support Waypoint’s mission to provide comprehensive human services and advocacy for individuals of all ages. If you’d like to support Waypoint, keep an eye out for their upcoming annual event SleepOut on March 29th 2024. SleepOut is a night spent outside each March to expand awareness of youth homelessness in New Hampshire and raise funds to address critical needs. SleepOut is Waypoint’s premiere event that directly supports New Hampshire’s only overnight youth shelter in Manchester and youth drop-in centers in Concord and Rochester. Learn more about Waypoint and how to support their mission online here.

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